10.14.18Blanca Synan

Hi there

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Wood Carvings - Jamaican Style

07.20.18Star Collits


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Wood Carvings - Jamaican Style

05.23.18Gabriel Cardullo

I have a piece of wood (white oak) on my property that I wanted carved into the head of a rhino...was wondering if that is something you would be interested in helping me out with...thank you for your time

12.22.17Honey B

This is your friend Honey B inviting you and V to come see me perform with my band in Bolinas CA on January 5. https://www.facebook.com/events/2017833211795381/?ti=as


I have 10 lb pink grouper

05.19.17Michael S. Tellez


I'm interested in pieces of works on your website and I would like you to get back with more details and if not SOLD.

Black Heart Lion
Soldiers for Righteousness
Rough Neck

I would like to know if i can purchase these items directly from you via email. In this case are you authorized to ship out of your territories and also do you accept check or credit card for payment?

Kindly advice.

Michael S. Tellez



This is Jackie, I'm contacting you on behalf of Weber Point Reggae Fest to see if you are interested in being a vendor at the our event. The dates are August 20-21st.

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The Weber Point Reggae Fest is an annual Reggae Arts and Music Festival located in beautiful Northern California. There’s an estimated 4,000 people to be attending this year.

Here is the link below to find out more information.


Look forward to hearing from you!

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07.10.15Unity Festival

Hello Everyone
We are getting close to the opening day and the excitement is building as our 5th Annual Unity Fest merges with an amazing lineup of Bluegrass meets Reggae!

We have been reserving booth spaces for those who have requested yet it is time to make your deposits in order for us to continue to reserve your booth space.
If you have not received your invoice please let us know and one will be issues asap.

Thank you for those who have made your deposits and we'll see you soon at Unity Fest 5th Annual.


Unity Fest Staff
Unity Festival | Ca, Az, Co.
Bus (707) 634-4745
Fax (888) 371-3178

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Confidentiality Notice:
The information contained in and transmitted with this communication is strictly confidential. Is intended only for the use of the intended recipients, and is the property of Unity Festival LLC. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use of the information contained in or transmitted with the communication of dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited by law. If you have received this communication in error, please immediately return this communication to the sender and delete the original message and any copy of it in your possession. (ECPA) 18 U.S.C. 2510-2521


I was in your store a couple weeks back. We discussed doing a custom piece with a name on it. Is there something to look at to order a piece?



Still going strong Rasta and starting 2015 fresh!
Love you and your work, Veronica


Hi, I'm from Brazil and I love rasta culture. I'm looking for rasta wood carving for a long time and your work is vry special. Are you selling your masterpieces?

06.06.13David Pitts

Hey Vincent,

Came to the market looking for you last night. I have a cane for you. I met you last Wednesday and thought of this piece I have that I believe you will like.
Can I stop by your shop sometime?


I love your work and your website!!! Do you carve gords also?

06.10.12damon hill

thank you so much for the amazing carving from the burning spear show tonight. a truly amazing work. i feel the power -Damon

03.18.12Dan McAuliffe

Love your work could you forward pictures of items with prices

12.23.11Joyce and Rodger

Love the wonderfully carved cane we purchased from you on the last Art Trails. Keep up the great work and have some fantastic holidays.

08.31.11carol syrett

hi we have one of your carvings its of a ladys head with vincent jamaica 1989 can you give us any information on it please


Memorial Design for Trans-Atlantic Slave trade to be permanently displayed at the UN in N.Y.C. check for more info www.unslaverymemorial.org or JAANC.org for more info. I think your woman with the chain should be part of it or in a museum ! All the Best !

07.06.11Diana Lee

I really like your work! I can't come to your artrails because I will be doing artrails myself. But maybe some time I can come by and see your work in person.

Diana Lee

03.06.11sabrina fortuna

the most beautiful work i have seen...

how can i order a piece like the black lion? and how much do they go for?

02.02.11benjamin levine

cool stuff


we recently purchased a carving of an OWL bottom has your named carved along with date 1986. It is beautiful Is this one of your works?.

09.16.10Taylor Simone

It wasa pleasure meeting you and Victoria at the Harmony Festival. Such beautiful stories and warm company! I hope to see you both in the near future. Best wishes.


big up mon!! keep on moving forward. thanks for all you do. blessing. your neighbor


Right on Clive.........this is the right path!

08.13.10Mike Jurkovich

Blessings on another glorious day. I have reconnected with my brother since you were here. Anger between us has dissapated and it is good. I will bring him to this website. You saw how he is a lover of art and I am sure he will be interested in some pieces.

Ask Veronica to retake some of the photos and put something alongside them to indicate size and scale. One cannot tell if they are looking at a hand size or life size piece of wood. Your largest pieces seem to be missing on this site and Rob might be interested in a large one. He seems to have a love. Later...


hi,i and a friend of mine is interested in starting a business in jamaican art but we don't know where to start we just visited montego bay {riu} resort and was fascinated by the hand carvings done by the brothers there can you help us out.



07.06.10Kristi Gray

Hi Vincent and Ms. Victoria
This is Kristi i meet you at the Harmony Festival and was wondering if you can get back at me when your able! It was great meeting Vincent and wonderful to have gotten reaquainted with you Ms. Victoria. Hope to here from you soon!!

One Love, Kristi


Beautiful and soulful art! Beautiful website! So glad you're my new neighbor.... and I can see your work as you chip away! Wolf told me I'd be in trouble when I saw your pieces, and he was right.


Hi Vincent, my partner and I saw you and your work at the Harmony Festival. You told us about your grandmother and ancestors. We felt the vital life and spirit in you and your work and wanted to let you know that we see you here on the earth and you are beautiful.


Very positive Rasta - your Berkeley Bredren & Sisdren Hail Yu Up! Nice pieces of art - will pass your contact onwards in hopes that it helps the I get more exposure.
One Love, Laura & Ralston and clan


Wow Clive! These are beautiful. I'm so glad to see that you are doing this kind of work again - I know it has always been in your heart! The pieces are so special, I can't wait to see them in person... Veronica did a great job on the website. Hope to see you at the Health & Harmony Festival!

03.11.10Asatu Musunama

Beautiful website and beautiful work. Looking forward to having one or more of your carvings in my home.....soon come
Thank you

03.10.10Crucial Vibes Unlimiited

for anyone readign the post the Reggae in the Valley
is in Napa on Saturday 4/24/10. It is an early show: 5pm
the show supports Art programs in Napa schools etc...
Irie Vibes all Around !!!

03.10.10Kat & Lappy

Took us long enough to check the site... Looks good & glad to see the I progressing in the arts... Definately one of your callings.
So Looking forward to seeing you at Reggae in the Valley at Napa. there is an Earth Day event that is happening before the show, so we plan on going early. Irie


This is THEE coolest website!!!! Awesome. I will post the link on my facebook page.
Much success to you RASTA!!!

02.24.10please enter nameKathy Cisneros

Vincent: I showed my co-workers your website and they are interested in prices for some of the pieces .. call me or email me.. your work is beautiful

02.15.10Mireya Pinell-Cruz

Hey Vicente!
The website is totally kick ass. The artistic approach that my mom took with creating it definitely accents your finished wood pieces. It will be exciting when people start buying them. Good luck!-

02.15.10Veronica Cruz

Your carvings are the best! I love the fact that you are not chopping down trees but using what comes your way. Very eco-friendly and green. You hard work shows Rasta, keep chipping away. Con mucho amor Vero