Vincent was juried and accepted to be one of 17 new artists in the Sonoma County ARTrails for 2011. ARTrails has a special role in Sonoma County's thriving arts community. Each Autumn, this much-anticipated fall tradition of meeting artists and stepping into their creative spaces happens.

This year is Vincent's year! 2011 will bring much exposure to Vincent's work and respect to his craft. One of very few wood working artists in this venue, it will be a must see and must have for everyone big and small, sophisticated to the simple appreciation of what a chisel can do.

TAKE TIME Breden and Sistren to enjoy a Jamaican afternoon during harvest time

When - October 2011
Where - Mi Yard
738 Pine Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404



Vincent S. Malcolm
Also known as Clive, Jah Clive, Carver

Born in St. James Parish in Jamaica, he learned to carve as a young boy; selling his carvings in Negril, Ocho Rios, and Montego Bay. His very first carving was a little bird. When a woman bought it from him for $1 Jamaican dollar, he knew then that he wanted to learn to carve more and saw this trade as way to become an independent person - not relying on anyone but himself. At the young age of 13, he started out on his own.

Vincent carved for many years and raised 3 children on a carver's income. He stopped carving off and on to pursue other jobs. When he came to America, he stopped completely until 2007. Still it was not until 2009, after a reggae festival in California, that he became inspired to pick up a chisel and mallet to chip out familar shapes. From there it has been full speed ahead.................

About the Art:

Vincent gathers his wood from along side the road, trails, hills and valleys low. Friends and family also help supply him with a wide variety of wood they find interesting and come across as they go about their busy lives. You all know who you are.

The wood can be old worm eaten oak, fresh eucalyptus, rich walnut, walnut burl, redwood, redwood burl, pine, and poplar. Some wood he can't be certain what it is because it left to be found.

Once Vincent receives or finds a piece of wood, he spends time reading the wood. This reading prepares his mind to envision and create the beautiful pieces contained within this website. And without taking away from the intricate natural wood grains, he whittles and chips away at his vision until he is satisfied with every detail.

Even if you don't decide to purchase a piece for yourself, you will be able to appreciate Vincent's restoration of rubble and scraps that were once refused and tossed aside. Enjoy!